TACL ~ Teen Advisors of Cushman Library

TACL (“Tackle”), TEEN ADVISORS OF CUSHMAN LIBRARY, is our fledgling advisory board that seeks to gain insight into the interests of our patrons who are ages 12-18. We are seeking teens with great, fun, creative, and engaging ideas for programming that they would enjoy. We want our teen programming to be participant-driven, so tell us what type of programs would grab your interest!

Our Library Director, Karen Stinchfield, is the primary contact and coordinator for TACL and teen programming and she can reached at cushmanlibrary@gmail.com. Join us as we plant the seeds of what is sure to become a lush garden of programming opportunities for teens throughout our region. Share your thoughts as we set out on this new journey. Plus, keep an eye on this page and our Facebook page as we begin sharing programming with other libraries, which will bring new offerings to you.

We are also joining with other Libaries in the Woods members in discussions about developing engaging teen programming that we can all share, thus expanding the offerings even further for everyone.

If you would like to get involved with TACL, go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/710261749669068

Join Us, as we grow from the ground up!