Welcome to Summer Reading 2022!

Welcome to six weeks of Summer Reading FUN! This year’s theme is READ BEYOND THE BEATEN PATH! We have lots of crafts planned, prizes to win, fun activities, and reading to be done! We even have three outdoor Story Walks AND this is THE SUMMER OF THE TRAVELING BACKPACKS!

Summer Reading at Cushman runs from June 25th to August 6th. Kids can register at any time during the program and can do as much or as little as they like.

Prizes, Prizes, and More Prizes!

This summer we have great prizes to help inspire you to meet your weekly reading goals, keep a nature journal, create thematic craft projects, finish the program, and a few extras along the way.

We’re happy to be returning to the days when you can come into the library for your weekly check-ins, roll the prize dice, share your crafts with us, and collect your craft prizes.

You’ll receive a prize for every week you achieve your reading goals, every week you add to your Nature Journal, and for every craft you create, a SPECIAL WEEKLY PRIZE

Each week during Summer Reading every participant who meets their weekly reading goal will be entered into a special raffle for a bag full of goodies.

If you meet all your weekly reading goals, add to your Nature Journal every week, and create a craft project for each week, you will be entered into the raffle for BOOKWORMIE, our fabulous handknit bookworm made by Millie Dwight. We don’t know what colors he is yet, but we will soon! We’ll also have some special prizes arranged by the Western MA Library Advocates, which will be announced at our celebration on August 6th.

Summer of the Traveling Backpacks!

In the theme of going beyond the path we know, Cushman Library is partnering with several Libraries in the Woods, with each library creating a Traveling Backpack full of activities, things to read, tools for exploring, crafts to do and share, games to play, and more! Each week during Summer Reading there will be a different backpack traveling to Cushman from another library. Each week, you are encouraged to come and explore the visiting backpack, look through all the pockets, have fun with all the goodies, and then take an activity or craft home with you to enjoy!