Karen Stinchfield has been Director of Cushman Library since 2004. Having grown up on Center Street, Cushman and the Bernardston community have long held her heart.

Karen was an elementary school librarian for twelve years, as well as a children’s library assistant, and she holds a Master of Education with a concentration in Curriculum and Learning and a specialization in Creative Arts in Learning.

When not working, Karen loves to swim, write, sing, sculpt, paint, camp, refinish furniture, binge watch SciFi and Fantasy, and nap with her cats ~ Persephone, Idyllic, and Phineaus.

Karen volunteers as artist liaison for Scarecrow in the Park, which enables her to support local artists and craftspeople as well as the Bernardston Kiwanis, of which her father was a long-time member.

Debbie McQuillan recently retired from the Tilton Library in South Deerfield after a 20+ year career. She lives with Jay (husband), Tara (dog), Meera (cat), and Peggy (chicken).

Debbie enjoys online yoga with Adrienne and morning hikes up Mt. Sugarloaf. She also loves knitting, gardening. reading, travelling in her Minnie Winnie, and weekly Skype and Zoom sessions with her children and grandchildren.

Mary McGinn and her husband raised their two sons in Bernardston and consider Cushman Library a cherished friend.

Mary graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Elementary Education. She enjoyed working with people as a real estate agent and then again as a teacher.

Besides being an avid reader, she also enjoys gardening, photography, history, antiques, and architecture.

 Mary currently lives in Greenfield with her husband and dog Leala Lou, and looks forward to working with old friends and new.

Phoebe Hynes is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts. They have degrees in Natural Resource Conservation, and Writing. Phoebe has dabbled in their fair share of fields before pursuing a role at Cushman Library. Whether it has been through education, conservation, or business, they have always enjoyed corralling folks and sharing information with them. 

Currently Phoebe lives in Western Massachusetts. When they are off the clock, they are creating in the kitchen, writing and performing their poetry, or singing around the house. You can also find Phoebe exploring in the woods sometimes, taking copious amounts of insect and fungi pictures.

Susan Wright retired after 36 years in local government in western Massachusetts, most recently as the Finance Director for the City of Northampton. She believes our libraries are the hub of our small rural communities.  She has always wanted to work in a library and is excited to serve as a Library Assistant. 

She lives in Northfield with her husband and Shih Tzu named Zuzu and has two children, Tim and Meredith.  She is a Master Weaver, having obtained certification in 2010 from the Hill Institute in Northampton and also enjoys other fiber arts such as knitting and quilting.  She has recently begun a certification program in botanical art and enjoys working in colored pencil, watercolor and printmaking.  

Sean Charles is new to the area, Cushman Library, and the staff as a Library Assistant. After graduating with a degree in history, Sean has worked in education and community development. Hailing originally from Binghamton, New York, Sean’s first stop anywhere he has lived has always been the local library, and he has a deep appreciation for the resources they can provide.

Outside of the library, he enjoys spending his time watching soccer, playing board games, reading (of course), and exploring the outdoors. He recently began playing chess, and hopes to eventually learn how to stop blundering his pieces.

Julie lives in Deerfield and recently retired from Tilton Library where she was the Children’s Librarian for 21 years. One of her goals these days is to use her experience to help small libraries as needed.

She remains dedicated to helping kids become strong readers and has written a series of children’s books for late readers and plans to keep writing. She loves to cook and enjoys all sorts of fiber arts from small weaving projects to paper making.